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Current Category > Legal Services

Beneficial and Informative Legal Websites

This award-winning website provides free legal information in all areas of the law. It also includes lawyer profiles and a community to help you make the best legal decisions. The website also provides a link to do-it-yourself legal documents.

Family Law

Provides helpful information regarding family issues, including divorce, marriage, child custody, child support, adoption, etc.

Small Claims Court – Self Help Video

Informative website to provide residents of Florida a general understanding of the small claims court process.

Cenacle Legal Services

Provides legal aid services to the poor and vulnerable individuals residing in Venice, North Port, and Englewood. Areas of counsel include housing, elder affairs, public benefits, consumer rights, and minor children.

Citizen Dispute Settlement Program and Pre-Filing Family Mediation

Provides individuals the opportunity to resolve disputes in a neutral and confidential setting 
before a court case is filed. Participants can avoid court costs, attorney fees, and time lost from work by participating in mediation rather than litigation.

Citizen Dispute Settlement Program                                                           

This program helps resolve issues before a case is filed, such as auto sales, condominium, consumer complaints, contracts, debts, employer/employee, repairs, landlord/tenant, neighborhood disputes, property damage, etc.


Pre-Filing Family Mediation Program

This program offers an opportunity to work out a family matter before a case is filed. Neither party may have previously filed any family division court case involving the same parties or children eligible for the program. Examples of mediated topics are parental responsibility, parenting plans, child support, and distribution of assets or debts.

Clerk of Circuit Court – 12th Judicial

Offers a variety of services, including instructions for filing small claims, restraining orders, mental health, and child support. They also provide a Dissolution of Marriage packet to those individuals who have decided to file for divorce and want to represent themselves in court.

Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Program

Provides referrals to attorneys who will conduct an initial half-hour client consultation for $25.00. The lawyers are all members in good standing with no pending probable cause complaints. This program has also established low fee, elderly, aids law, and disability law panels for clients in need. The initial half-hour office consultation for these specialty panels is free.

Florida Department of Revenue/Child Support Enforcement

Helps with establishing paternity, getting and enforcing support orders, collecting, and sending support payments, obtaining health care coverage, and genetic testing. The online application is available on the website. Services are free

Gulfcoast Legal Services

Offers programs on financial stability advocacy, housing advocacy, family advocacy, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and immigration.

Legal Aid of Manasota

Offers free civil legal services to residents of Sarasota and Manatee counties who have limited income and assets. They can help with living wills, advanced directives, guardianship, and healthcare surrogates. In addition, other services include consumer issues, divorce and paternity proceedings, domestic violence, family law, housing law, landlord/tenant, homeless prevention and foreclosure project, legal and veterans law project.  

Senior Friendship Centers – Legal and Tax Services

Provides a one-time free 30-minute legal consultation for those 50 years or older with an appointment. During January through Tax Day, they also offer free tax preparation services.

Senior Legal Helpline


Provides free legal advice and fast services by telephone to Florida residents age 60 and older for civil (not criminal) legal problems regardless of income.

Seniors vs. Crime


Program to help seniors who have been victimized or otherwise taken advantage of by businesses or service providers. Civil matters onlyThere is no charge for these services. The local office is at the Senior Friendship Centers.

Victim’s Assistance Program

The local Victim Assistance Unit advocates meeting the needs of victims of crime or witnesses to a tragic event. It also assists families experiencing a sudden, traumatic death because of suicide, overdose, or traffic accidents. In addition, it provides crisis intervention, emotional support, community information, and referrals. All services are free and do not require a police report.  

Women’s Resource Center

Offers a private 30-minute legal consultation with a Family and Civil Law Attorney on family law topics such as divorce, child support, child custody, and much more. They can also assist in drafting Living Wills and Powers of Attorney.